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  • Provision of all parties involved in FR training with fully comprehensive and trustworthy information on state-of-the-art methodologies and equipment concerning security threats to the FR community, protection of members of the FR community, and disaster management by the FR community;
  • Assistance in exploiting Europe’s scientific and industrial strength by developing a standardised training curriculum on disaster management for FR, meeting highest quality standards and enabling the FR community in the EU to perform their challenging tasks also in the new security environment of catastrophic terrorism, in addition to threats resulting from major technical and natural disasters :
  • Overcoming the current differences in training of first responders on disaster management in different EU member states by strengthening the first line of defence in a cost efficient manner due to avoiding duplication and optimising interoperability between FR groups.

The creation of a standardised training curriculum on disaster management for the various categories of FR will provide European emergency services and crisis management with a strategic advantage in the international efforts to provide an optimum level of security to citizens.

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